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Protection Plans for Dental Treatments

Make Your Practice Stand Out From Competition

Although you put in a lot of effort to gain the trust of your patients, they have an option to choose another dentist. Standing out from competition is the key to success. Offering a 5 year warranty on the dental procedures is the secret sauce you were looking for!

Increase Patient

Selling a dental warranty means that each patient has to come back every 6 months for a check-up in order to keep the coverage. This approach insures a steady flow of patients, builds trust, and increases patient acceptance of future dental procedures.

Eliminate Negative

No need for stressful conversations and negative reviews. Get paid for a redo/repair the same day. Since no money out-of-pocket is required the patient will be more than willing to leave a glowing review for your practice.

Increase Treatment Plan Acceptance Rates

Dental procedures are not cheap; providing a 5 year Limited Warranty will increase treatment plan acceptance rates.


We make it simple for both the patient and the dentist. Each dental procedure is covered up to the original charge. No ifs or buts!


Our goal is to drive patients back to your dental office for both hygiene check-ups and redo/repairs. But life happens and if the patient is more than 100 miles away he or she could go to any dental office nationwide.

Additional Revenue

You do high quality work and your patients rarely have to come back for a redo/repair. Earn deferred underwriting profits while reducing taxable income in your practice.

Access To

Borrow against both earned and premium dollars to open an additional office, buyout a partner, or remodel an existing practice.

Reduce Peer
Review Cases

Peer review cases are stressful and time consuming. Since our warranty covers the patient for the entire dollar amount that they spent on the dental procedure you can redo it and get reimbursed. No need for the irate patient to escalate the case to peer review.


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