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Dental Treatment Warranty - Resources

Types of Dental Treatment Covered Under Warranty

At Dental Protection Group, we understand the variety in dental treatments and therefore offer a comprehensive warranty. Our unique 5-year warranty covers a wide array of dental treatments ranging from simple procedures like dental cleanings and fillings to more complex treatments such as root canals, implants, crowns, bridges and veneers.

Limitations and Exclusions of Dental Treatment Warranty

While our dental treatment warranty is expansive, it does have some limitations and exclusions. It doesn’t cover treatments related to orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry apart from those that have a direct impact on the oral health of the patients. Also, treatments necessitated by accidents, injuries and illnesses that are not related to the covered dental procedures are excluded. It is advisable to understand the specifics of the coverage before opting for a plan.

Process for Making a Claim Under Dental Treatment Warranty

Claiming under the dental treatment warranty is easy and straightforward. If an issue arises with a procedure covered under warranty, patients simply reach out to us via a dedicated helpline or through our online portal. After reviewing the case, we provide immediate solutions that may range from covering the cost of repair or replacement, to arranging for an alternative dentist for the treatment, thereby inspiring the patients’ continued trust.

Duration and Terms of Dental Treatment Warranty

Our dental treatment warranty, unlike the industry standards of one or two years, offers coverage for a long duration of five years. This prolonged period reaffirms our commitment to helping dentists provide quality dental care to their patients. It is worth noting that the warranty is subject to terms and conditions, primarily being that the maintenance and upkeep recommendations by the treating dentist have been followed by the patient.

Benefits of Having a Dental Treatment Warranty

Having a dental treatment warranty comes with several benefits. It reassures patients of the quality and longevity of the treatment, thereby enhancing patient satisfaction. Next, it empowers dentists to perform their best without worrying about unforeseen circumstances as the warranty provides a safety net. Lastly, our warranty helps eliminate negative reviews arising from issues with dental procedures, which in turn helps increase patient retention.

Importance of Choosing a Reputable Provider for Dental Treatment Warranty

Selecting a trusted provider like Dental Protection Group for your dental treatment warranty makes a significant difference. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive coverage that extends beyond mere customer satisfaction. We provide additional revenue sources for dental practices and offer access to capital for practice expansion, ultimately contributing to the financial stability of the practice.

Comparison of Different Dental Treatment Warranty Options

There are different dental treatment warranty options in the market, but our unique 5-year warranty stands out for its extended coverage duration, comprehensive treatment inclusion, easy claim process, and additional benefits for the dentists. Our focus on enhancing patient satisfaction while also ensuring the well-being of the dental practices makes us a leading choice in dental treatment warranties.

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